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Renting or buying the groom’s suit?

At a wedding, the dress is the most important item of clothing. However, the groom’s suit is also important, as his style and elegance will make for the best memories of the occasion.

Therefore, something that always generates conflicts in those who are going to get married is the decision between renting or buying a groom’s suit. This dilemma becomes complicated, because both options have advantages and disadvantages.
So, because we know you want an answer from the best fashion consultants, we at Tailored Suit Paris have taken the initiative to research expert opinions. Based on recommendations from specialists, we’ll tell you which one suits you best.

But never forget that a wedding is a celebration of affection and life together. Therefore, knowing how to choose your wedding suit will be essential for you to embark on this exciting adventure.

Pay attention and find out with us the answer.

Groom’s suit, made to measure?


Did you know that until recently the groom’s suit was more casual? That’s right, still in the last century, wedding suits were simple, made up of everyday pieces that were little different from those worn on a daily basis.

This was changing as new trends in fashion and changes in social mentality appeared. Gradually, sophistication in good men’s clothing became an influential and decisive necessity. That is why, nowadays, there are shops specialising in men’s clothing.

On the other hand, a groom’s suit, as mentioned above, is essential to create beautiful memories and to match the wedding dress. Both outfits are a must for such a celebration.

Because of this, boutiques have focused their efforts on presenting more alternatives to suit customers’ requests. Moreover, based on such a conception, the so-called tailor-made groom suits were born.

These suits are an excellent option because, in them, your taste and style determine the final result. However, in this proposal a doubt arises, what is better, renting or buying them?

Advantages and disadvantages of renting the groom’s suit

For many, the groom’s suit is simply a one-time use garment that, after the ceremony, will be completely forgotten. Therefore, they decide to rent it, in order to save a few pennies, while trying to look good at the same time.

Thanks to the rental initiative, many boutiques have recently started to focus on groom’s suits. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the rental suit?

Among the advantages we have:

  • You’ll spend less money than buying it.
  • You’ll get it faster.
  • You won’t accumulate more clothes at home.

And among the disadvantages we have:

  • Over the years, it is almost a given that you will regret not keeping the suit as a memento of your marriage.
  • Because it is not tailored, you will feel uncomfortable during the ceremony.

Pros and cons of buying a groom’s suit

On the other hand, the boom in custom-made groom’s suits has only grown. In recent years, the number of people who have opted to buy their wedding suit wanted it this way, due to the advantages of personalization and to keep it as a nice souvenir.

This vision also allowed many specialized shops to launch bespoke, themed and styled wedding suit lines. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a groom’s suit?

Among the advantages are:

  • You can have it made to measure, so that you feel comfortable and elegant at all times.
  • In case you no longer want to keep it, you can sell it.
  • The variety is greater and according to your personal tastes.
  • You can use it on other occasions without any problem.

And among the disadvantages we have:

  • The investment will be a little higher.
  • It won’t last forever, if we take into account that cuts change.

What are the best groom’s suits?

If after the above you still have doubts between buying or renting a groom’s suit, here is a brief catalogue with the best suits, made to measure.

Blue Wool & Silk Suit

To get a great married life off on the right foot, what better way than to do it in style. This blue wool and silk suit is the solution you’ve been looking for in your wardrobe.

Made with wool and silk of the highest quality, it will allow you to look good in both formal and casual gatherings. In addition, its particular distribution will be important for you to look comfortable and fresh, so it will become an excellent ally for you.

Dark Blue Shawl Collar Tuxedo

Another alternative we have for you is this tuxedo, whose style and tailoring will remind you of classic spy movies. Suitable for any type of event, this piece will make you feel comfortable, elegant and attractive.

Its high-quality fabric and perfect fit will be essential to make you feel comfortable. This dinner jacket is a mix of originality, creativity and love for the classic.

2 Piece Shawl Collar Ivory Tuxedo

Without a doubt, this tuxedo will be a great choice to celebrate your wedding, especially if the ceremony is at night! If you were looking for an outfit that matches perfectly with any event and decorative theme, the two-piece ivory dinner jacket is the one.

However, as a recommendation we would like to mention that the colours black and ivory are inseparable. In other words, the chromatic mix of these tones is perfect and, in addition, it will bring you elegance while you enjoy the celebration.

Prussian Blue Three Piece Suit

Finally, we present to you this beautiful three-piece suit in Prussian blue. The virtues of this suit are evident in the versatility and comfort provided by its construction. In fact, because you can remove the jacket and stay with a fine waistcoat, you will notice the classic and modern nuances merging in you.

It is, then, a timeless suit, made with the best wool of Milan and carved by the best experts in tailoring. Therefore, this suit becomes a de rigueur alternative when choosing a groom’s suit.

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