Comment habiller un costume grande taille

How to dress a big man in a suit?

Elegance is no stranger to today’s big man. Want to know how to work the extra pounds into a tailored suit? At Tailored Suit Paris we are experts in tailoring. Discover the best tips for styling for the heavier man.

Just by glancing around the Internet, looking for elegant suits, you may have gotten the idea that elegance does not go hand in hand with fatness, because there are not many pictures of big models in suits. But make no mistake!

Sublime elegance in men’s suits is available for all body types, and is limited only by the imagination and professionalism of the tailor doing the work. Renowned tailors can take advantage of anybody’s condition.

To better understand each other, let’s divide big men into two categories: robust men and very large men.

Stout men only require a couple of professional sartorial strategies to disguise the defects and enhance the attributes in a tailor-made suit.

For very big men, however, we’re going to let you in on a secret from the fashion world:

A prominent belly in a man denotes two things: an unhealthy diet and a prolific economic capacity. We’ll focus on the latter: designing an outfit that suggests a tycoon profile.

You liked that secret, didn’t you? Read on, to find out the tricks that we tailor at Tailored Suit Paris have up our sleeves -never better said-.


Debunking urban myths on big men’s clothing

You often hear stories about basic fashion advice, but they’re not always accurate. Here are a few examples:

Baggy clothes conceal extra pounds

Many corpulent men think that baggy clothes are able to disguise their imperfect body. But this is a serious mistake. Half-empty clothing does not deceive the eye, rather, it attracts even more attention.

A suit is not pajamas! The suit should fit perfectly, especially if you have flaws to disguise.

Maybe this sounds a bit counterintuitive, but we assure you that a jacket that is too long and too wide will make you look fatter. In other words, you’ll be getting the opposite effect you wanted.

It would be very difficult for you to find clothes in standard sizes that fit you perfectly, especially if you are a robust man. You’d better get used to taking everything you buy to the tailor.

Dark clothes help the big man

It’s true that dark clothing creates a visual effect that flatters imperfect bodies, but it does so in an almost negligible way.

What is 100% certain is that they absorb more heat, which is a big problem for robust men, and even more so when it comes to suits.

The recommended colors for chubby men are light colors: beige, sapphire blue, light gray, sand, khaki, sky blue, etc. Unless the occasion calls for a dark ensemble.

Les vêtements sombres aident le grande tailleVisual strategies for a big man’s suit design

Next, we’ll show you some sartorial tips that will help you disguise the imperfections of a big man’s body. Let’s go from top to bottom:


If you have a round face, avoid shirts with collars that are too narrow and small. You should look for shirts that have wide collars, not in terms of size, but in terms of shape. The collar peaks should be wider than the face.

This type of collar will also allow you to tie the tie looser, which helps a lot in establishing proportions. A large face with a small collar and a tight tie is a big style mistake.



If it is possible to use a print, choose a shirt with vertical lines. The thinner the better. These help to slim the figure, creating a natural lengthening effect.

For formal occasions, a pinstripe suit will be your best ally to always be elegant.



For tall and chubby men, a single-breasted V-neck jacket is the best choice. Ideally, the buttons should be located at the bottom of the model and there should be no more than three of them.

The jacket should be worn buttoned to draw attention away from the belly. It should only be opened when you sit down. We will discuss styling tips in more depth later.



When it comes to pants, you should always choose straight cut pants. In fact, this model will help you not to create a tightening effect on the ankles, which will inevitably accentuate the size of the chest.

Straight cut pants create a balance between the upper and lower body. Always choose this fit and you are sure to notice the difference in your new look.

Tips for a big man to wear his suit well

Once you own the suit you need, there are a couple of tips that can help you look your best. For example:


Do not place items in your pockets, not even in your back pockets. Any object, be it keys, cell phone or wallet, will form bulges that will spoil the sleek outline that your impeccable suit gives you.


For the belt, for chubby men we have two important recommendations:

Mandatory wear

Some stout men choose to eliminate the belt from their ensemble, since it causes discomfort when sitting. But the belt is a fundamental piece in a good suit, and you can’t do without it.

What you can do is to adjust the belt a little tighter for standing, and when it’s time to sit down, ask for permission, go to the bathroom and adjust it a little looser, to stay in the chair for a while, without the belt getting in the way.


Most men wear the belt above the pubis. If you have a protruding belly, it is not recommended to wear it at this height, but a little higher: just below the navel.

In this way, the pants cover the entire diameter of the abdomen and the belly will not hang inside the shirt.


If you find the belt too annoying, a garment that until a few years ago had gone out of fashion, but the hipsters rescued from the past, are the suspenders. With them you will be able to hold the pants well and keep the style.


The belt of robust men should be high. This is a general principle, as any garment or wardrobe accessory a man wears should be large. Otherwise, it will make the proportions of chubbiness more noticeable.

Shirt tucked into pants

In general, the shirt always goes inside the pants. However, to dress an overweight man it is advisable to be careful not to lower the shirt too much, because this can cause a padding effect that will be evident under the pants.

It is best to make a pleat, so that the front and back hem of the shirt, including the fly, are folded inward.


Having a tailored closet can help anyone feel better about themselves. It is possible to make a good impression, even those who don’t have a fabulous body.

Also, being overweight doesn’t mean that any garment is going to look bad: it’s possible to be a portly man and still be very fashionable. You just have to pay attention to details and choose clothes that fit your body well.

We hope these tips have helped you, and if you still have doubts don’t hesitate to contact us, to receive personalized professional advice.