Recommendations to design the best costumes for children

Recommendations to design the best costumes for children


Do you need advice on how to choose children’s suits? Is the communion coming up or has your little one been chosen as a page boy at the wedding? Great! You’ve come to the right place. At Tailored Suit Paris we know how to help you. Discover the best tips for children’s elegance.

Elegant suits and children are two concepts that are often difficult to relate, since, when we think of suits, we think of adult men and not infants.

Then, when we overcome that initial barrier, we go on to ask ourselves: should a little boy dress the same as a grown man, do the same fashion rules apply?

The answer is no. Childish elegance works somewhere in between. That is to say, an outfit that brings distinction, but without taking away the youthfulness of the little boy. Now, how do we achieve this? That is the question we will answer in this article.

We will start by telling you the same thing we have recommended in all the previous articles: you have to work based on the occasion.

There are no rules that apply to all cases, but only intelligent suggestions, based on maintaining the elegance and comfort of the client: the two pillars of the tailor-made suit.

Want to know all the secrets behind boyish elegance for boys? Don’t miss any of the tips we’ll present below.


General style recommendations for children’s suits

Let’s go back to what we mentioned at the beginning. Dressing a child in a suit requires finding the middle ground, between adult masculine elegance and traditional children’s wear. Here are some good tips to achieve it:


A tie may look good on a boy. However, our recommendation is to always opt for a bow tie. The bow tie is a subtle complement, but it keeps a good morning coat.



When it comes to children, we must seek to maintain a joy in the colors of his suit. That is to say, light colors, flashy and less serious -unless the occasion in question is a funeral-.


In this case, we cannot talk about age, but about height. Very young children do not look good in prints. For them, unicolor garments are recommended. With older children, on the other hand, it is possible to highlight a plaid or striped jacket.


Whatever the event, children will not stop being children. That is, they will probably play and run around at some point. We recommend you to opt for fresh fabrics such as linen or mil stripes, so that your little one will not look sweaty.

To conclude the recommendations, here is a final tip. We provide most of our customers with suits that, at most, will only require a little touch-up every so often.

But for a child, the suit you buy will most likely be worn only once in a lifetime. You should take this into account when calculating how much you want to spend.

Costumes for children at weddings

Usually, no one expects it, but at any time your friends, family or co-workers decide to get married and surprise you with the request, “I would like your son to be a page boy at my wedding.”

When you accept the request and it’s time to dress your little one, here are the things to keep in mind.

Costumes for children at weddings

Wedding party

Pageboys are part of the wedding party. That is, they are the ones who will walk down the aisle, choreographed with the groomsmen, parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

You should ask the bride, or the person who knows every detail of the ceremony, what is the style or design that will be used in the procession.


In general, most weddings are formal, but if the wedding is to be held in a place like the beach, for example, the rigor of formality decreases, and in this case suits with lighter tones are usually worn.

Time of day

Daytime weddings contemplate a very different style than evening weddings. Under sunlight, lighter and warmer colors are used. Under moonlight, the ceremony takes on a more formal character, i.e., dark colors and tuxedo-style suits.

Time of dayChildren’s first communion dresses

This celebration is simpler and represents less of a headache for parents, since in these cases the institution that organizes the event requires that all children dress the same and offers clear indications of the dress code.

To give you a better idea, in Christianity the Eucharist represents the Savior, giving his body for humanity. First communion is the celebration of a new believer embracing his or her faith.

It is undoubtedly a very important occasion. Your little one should dress like an elegant little man, very well presented before this event, the second sacrament of religion.

Generally, the color white is given priority in the outfit. Either by requiring a white jacket or by requiring that no jacket be worn.

The fewer accessories in the outfit, the better. Your little one should wear the three basic pieces of a suit and nothing else. This is because, during the ceremony, you will be asked to wear rosaries, candles and other items as part of the choreography.

If the little one wears a vest, scarf, cufflinks and other unnecessary items, he/she will look very overloaded in the photographs.


We hope you found these tips useful. Dressing a child, beyond this, is an easy task. Just remember to always keep in mind the occasion and the other factors we have mentioned.

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