Placing an order

Can your Garments be tailored for big fit or even for the kids?
Tailored Suits Paris products are hand tailored according to the submitted measurements. We do not have any issue Tailoring for Kids or Big fit.

Can I manage multiple measurements from one account?
Unfortunately no, you should keep your own measurement in your account so that they are no mix up between orders.
If you wish to order for someone else please open a new account for this person and please make sure his/her measurements are correct.

I want to buy a Shirt and Suit for my interview, what kind of suit do you recommend?
On our Website, we have a lot of nice Shirts and Suits fabrics suitable for Interview or formal meetings.
Please browse through the pages, and let us know how else we can help you.

I want to buy a Shirt or Suit for my Wife/Husband or friend is that possible?
It is surely possible to do so but first make sure you get the right measurement from the person you wish to purchase the garment for.
Then you will need to create an account for this person.
Feel free to contact us for any recommendation on fabrics or Style.

Paying for an Order

How can I pay for my order?
Tailored Suits Paris offers two payment options:

  1. Visa/MasterCard and more – Using PayPal Gateway- is a secure form to pay and used by millions of people daily, PayPal is a heavily secured third party payment processor. Greatly helpful, PayPal accepts all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners cards). It also allows for debit card and eCheque purchases. You do not need a PayPal account to use this payment method
  2. PayPal account- If you already have a PayPal account you will also be able to use it in order to pay for the transaction.

How can I Trust my Credit Card Transaction is Safe?

Our website features an SSL secure connection during the transaction, keeping your information secure and private.
Also Paying through PayPal gateway guarantee you total protection against personal data theft, we do not keep or store your Credit card and Payment details in file.

Customer Service

Can I make changes to my order?
You can make changes to your order only if you send a detailed email to ‘’ before we have started tailoring your Garment (Usually 2-3 hours after you placed the order). Once your order is manufactured or shipped, no changes can be made.

Can I change my measurements for my next order?

If you noticed that your measurement was slightly wrong with your last order, please take your measurement again like shown on our tutorials videos and update your measurement for your next order.
To update your measurement, please log into your account and go to ‘change/edit my measurement’.

Shipping prices & options

What shipping options do you offer?

All orders below 100$ are shipped by Registered Post and charged 10$.
All orders over 100$ are shipped by career and shipping is Free of charge.

Why do you not offer free shipping on orders below 100$ as well?

The prices offered on Tailored Suits Paris website are highly competitive considering the quality of our Garment and Fabric.
Unfortunately, those prices do not allow us to offer free shipping on orders below 100$.


Why are your Hand-Made Garments cheaper than my local Tailor? Is the quality lower?

Certainly not, the quality will actually be higher in most cases. We are using exclusively high-quality Italian Fabric and all our garment are custom Hand-Made.
We are working in collaboration with Hand-Made Tailoring Warehouse this is why we are able to break down the prices and offer high-quality garment at a very competitive price.

Do you offer any type of Special Discounts on orders?

We do have a discount on bulk orders generally orders of 900 $ and above. We do also offer a regular monthly discount on some fabrics and run occasional special offers as well.
All discounts are made through our Coupon code system, if you are eligible for a discount, please email our Customer Service( we will get back to you with the appropriate code.

Best Regards
Tailored Suits Paris Team