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How to recognize a quality suit?

Finally, that day has arrived that you knew was coming, but you didn’t know when. The day when the occasion calls for a good suit.

You go shopping and, to your surprise, you are dazzled by several models in the shop windows. They all look perfect, fashionable, and it is impossible for you to make a decision.

Logic will tell you that the price and/or the brand guarantee you won’t make a mistake. But, at the same time, you are attracted by the colors or designs of other cheaper, private label models.

So how do you make the best choice? In this article we will teach you how to recognize a quality suit, without getting carried away by the flashy features of the first impression.

Basic knowledge to recognize a quality suit

Next, at Tailored Suit Paris, we are going to reveal a secret that you will want to remember and keep in your suit selection criteria for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter the color, the shade, the design, the price, the fabric, the weave, the brand, or the combination. Absolutely none of that will matter if the suit you choose is not tailored! This is a fundamental principle.

Buying a suit is not like buying sportswear or everyday clothes. There are no standard sizes, they should always be tailored.

If you walk into a suit store and the person serving you doesn’t have a tape measure handy, don’t waste any more time. Get out of that store and go straight to Tailored Suitparis.

In our stores we offer you the service of design from 0. Under the advice of our professional tailors and in accordance with your wishes, we will build the perfect suit for you.

How to recognize a quality suit based on the material of the garment?

The material is the absolute basis of any suit. Of course, it has a practical significance, but above all it speaks of your sense of style and taste.

Keep in mind that natural fabrics are always the best. Even an untrained eye will immediately recognize a jacket made of poor-quality cotton or polyester.

In addition, artificial materials are much less comfortable and also airtight, which is especially problematic in the warmer months.

What should you know about fabrics? Their value is mainly determined by the quality and the number of threads used in their production.

It is marked in 110’S or 200’S. The higher the number, the stronger the fabric. Suits below 100’s are assumed to be of very low quality. We definitely do not recommend them.

How to recognize a quality suit based on clothing accessories?

When we talk about accessories on suits, we mean buttons, zippers and sometimes cufflinks. High quality clothing is usually equipped with additional buttons and other accessories to compensate for a possible loss.

Then there are those items that are not part of the suit, but go with it and, therefore, a good tailoring service would have to include them in their recommendations. These elements are: shoes, socks, belt and tie.

The color and material of these items should match the elegance and combination of the suit.

Learn to read the label to recognize a quality suit.

Generally, styles that are sewn incorrectly look fine at first glance, but when you look closely, the interlocking and messy stitching will instantly make the quality of the garment disappear.

You should always pay special attention to the material, seams and labels. The labels on a quality suit carry specific instructions on how the suit is composed and how it should be laundered – learn to read them and the salesperson will never be able to fool you!

Be sure of the level

The quality level of clothing is generally divided into qualified products, first-class products and excellent products. The higher the grade, the higher the color fastness.

Check the safety category

Clothing can be divided into three safety levels: A, B and C.

Products for infants under 2 years of age must meet the technical requirements of category A products.

Clothing that directly touches the skin must meet the technical requirements of category B products.

Clothing that does not come into direct contact with the skin must meet the technical requirements of category C products.


Make sure of the size

The size and model of the garment, using only L, M and X to indicate the size, is not up to the standard.

The compliance mark should indicate the height and circumference of the chest and waist.

Make sure the washing instructions

The washing label should be marked in the order of washing, drying, ironing, etc.

If there are no washing instructions on the label, or the washing instructions are not marked in the correct order, it is recommended not to buy.

Make sure the color shade

Navy blue, black, red, purple and other colors. The darker the color, the greater the possibility of exposure to harmful substances in the dyes.

At Tailored Suit Paris we believe that one of the most important characteristics of a man, and one that you can see at first glance, is the ability to create your own style.

For this, a perfect suit is essential. It is important to learn how to select these products, so as not to fall into the mistakes of our vanity and inexperience.

Now that you have a better idea of how to recognize a quality suit, visit our website to learn about the models available and read our blog for more information.