Quels sont les meilleurs tissus pour les chemises pour hommes
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What are the best fabrics for men’s shirts?

We all like to exude elegance in dressing, especially when the occasion calls for it. Simply wearing the right shirt, at the right time, could even improve your self-confidence.

When we talk about elegant shirts for work or formal events, there are several types of materials and fabrics, but have you ever wondered what the difference is between the finish and the effect on comfort?

Which shirt is best for which season and which shirt you should wear for a particular occasion is not just a matter of color. The combination of fabrics that make up a shirt is much more important.

In this article we will show you what are the best fabrics for men’s shirts and their advantages in good dressing.

The most common fabrics you need to know to choose the best fabrics for men’s shirts

Before talking about fabrics, you should know well the types of fabrics. First of all, fabric refers to the whole structure in which warp threads and weft threads are alternately woven into a single piece of fabric.

The appeal of fabrics is that simply changing one of them has a major impact on functionality and impression.

The most common fabrics for elegant shirts are cotton, linen, silk and jersey.

Cotton fabric

Cotton is considered the all-rounder in the textile industry. It is the most widely used material in the production of all types of clothing.

Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton is highly absorbent, durable, easy to care for, strong, elastic and can be worn without irritating the skin.

Linen fabric

Linen shirts continue to be a summer favorite. Due to its loose fit, high air permeability and cooling effect, this type of fabric is not only comfortable, but also helps you stay cool on hot days.

Since linen is very tear-resistant and the fibers are not stretchy at all, shirts made from this natural fabric are very prone to wrinkling and are therefore more likely to be worn in the leisure sector.

Silk fabric

If you like it extravagant and want to shine in a particularly elegant shirt at the office or on festive occasions, you will find a perfect alternative with silk shirts. Silk is a very fine fiber and therefore requires much more meticulous care than other fabrics.

Jersey fabric

Soft, stretchy jersey fabric is actually known for garments such as T-shirts and underwear. But it is also becoming increasingly popular for shirts.

The best types of fabric for men’s shirts

The fabric has a direct influence on the look of a shirt. Depending on the bonding of the threads, the result can be a fairly robust or fine structure, with different patterns.

The most common fabrics for elegant shirts are usually Oxford, double twist woven cotton and satin.

Oxford style fabric

The so-called Oxford is a relatively coarse type of weave, which creates soft, but durable shirt styles. Oxford woven shirts combine dyed and undyed fabrics. Oxford weave is particularly suitable for soft, durable fabrics.

However, because of this combination, Oxford shirts always look a little less elegant: they are relatively thick and robust, which makes them ideal as leisure shirts for the cold season.

Thinner Oxford shirts made of cotton go well with a sports suit or sports jacket. The shirt fabric is a particularly elegant variant.

Egyptian cotton double twist style fabric.

When we talk about quality shirts and fabrics, it is very common to hear this type of fabric. It refers to the ratio between the weight and the length of the yarn, and the higher it is, the more precious and finer it is.

To achieve the double twist, two 336-meter yarns twisted together are needed to obtain a mass of only 10 grams of fabric.

Satin style weave

Looking for an elegant shirt for a special occasion? Then consider a satin shirt.

Satin weave is characterized by an extremely smooth and shiny surface. In the fabric known as satin weave or atlas weave, yarns are processed into light, heavy, fluid or stiff weaves, depending on the type of fiber and yarn.

That smooth surface, characteristic of satin, is obtained due to the weft yarns comprising several warp yarns, and the extension gets its shape from the weft yarns running parallel.

Recognizing shirt fabrics is the first step in buying the right garment for you.  The most important element in recognizing fabric types is the weaves from which they are constructed, that is, the way the threads are arranged.

Depending on how they are interwoven, there are different names for fabrics, each with its own characteristics and occasions of use. At Tailored Suit Paris we have the best professionals in the market to help you make your best choice.

The careful selection of raw materials and the value given to their elaboration are the basis of our products and guarantee a unique experience of comfort and quality.

Now that you know what are the best fabrics for men’s shirts, visit our website to place your order and read our blog to keep up with all the news.