Prussian Blue Three Piece Suit

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The three-piece suit in a beautiful Prussian blue is ideal for a wedding. The presence of the waistcoat offers you comfort and versatility. Indeed, it will allow you to remain elegant throughout the event. Thanks to the waistcoat, you will be able to take off your jacket without ending up with only the shirt and you will be able to combine comfort and sophistication. The cut of this suit combines classic and modern and is somewhere between the elegance of yesteryear and today’s chic. So you will have a timeless and obviously comfortable look that will make you enjoy your evening.

  • Fabric: Milan Wool
  • Threads per inch: 140
  • Color: Prussian Blue
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Season: Four Seasons
  • Occasion: Wedding, Ceremony
  • Manufacturing: Half canvas, Full lining