Customize a men's tailored suit from your cell phone
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Customize a men’s tailored suit from your cell phone

Would you like to customize a tailored men’s suit? True customization is a very refined craft. Professional tailors design amazing suits based on the customer’s needs, body shape and unique personality.

And now, hand in hand with new technologies, you can do it from the comfort of your home! That’s right, Tailored Suit Paris puts at your disposal a very easy to use design interface, from their website.

Have you ever gone to a suit store and you’re worried about annoying the manager, after asking him to try on all the possible combinations and in the end, you can’t decide on any of them?

This will never be a problem again! Learn how to customize a tailored men’s suit from your cell phone, and book an appointment to try on your designs.

In this article we’ll show you how to use the interface and a couple of tips on ideal combinations.


Let’s get to know the process of a professional tailor, to create a bespoke men’s suit.

When a customer arrives, the first thing the tailor does is chat with him to get to know him and understand: his lifestyle, fashion preference, as well as the occasion and season in which the suit is going to be used.

We are all unique! For luxury tailoring, there are no standard styles. For example, creative people look for unique and vivacious outfits; businessmen look for a look that denotes confidence and a powerful profile.

Once the essence of the customer is captured, it’s on to the practical side: measurements, number of buttons, open or hand-sewn pockets, pointed or flat lapels, button styles, lining color, number of pockets, inside or outside pockets, etc.

If you want to know more about how to find your ideal style, take a look at Tailored suit: a guide to buying the perfect suit.


Selecting fabrics to create a tailored suit for men

Let’s talk about suit fabrics. Our selection of fabrics seems endless, as there are endless types of fabrics available from top Italian, British, Irish and French brands.

When it comes to fabrics, density is very important. For example, wool is classified according to the number of threads: 150 threads, 160 threads, etc. The higher the value, the finer the fabric and the softer the feel.

In the interface we have listed 30 of the best fabrics on the market and their characteristics, so you can make the best choice. Visit: What are the best fabrics for men’s shirts, for more information.

Of course, the customer is free to opt for any fabric of his preference that is not included in the list. In any case, the tailor will work with the customer to guide him to the most suitable fabric.


How to use the design interface

Next, we will show you, step by step, how to use the design interface:

The first thing you are going to do is log in to the website, and just below the main banner, you will find the CRÉEZ VOTRE COSTUME button.

How to use the design interface

Then you will be able to locate the three combination variables that we have selected for the creation of the design.

will be able to locate the three combination variables







Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Once the design is finalized and sent to us, there can always be some details that were not foreseen at the beginning.

After the major work is completed, the customer can try on the design and tell the tailor what finishing touches they want.

Each customer has his own requirements. Sometimes these are very specific, such as sleeve adjustments, martingale lines, lapels or pocket covers.

A unique suit indicates a unique relationship, because the tailor will continue to take the customer’s subsequent orders and do whatever it takes to meet their expectations.

Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Tailored Suit Paris offers a unique variety of classic and tailored suits. By carefully selecting the best quality seams, in terms of fiber and fabric, we have found the ideal recipe to create impeccably designed suits.

Products with a perfect seam finish and type of tailoring that will make you stand out in any occasion.

At Tailored Suit Paris we are passionate about creating tailor-made, high-end clothing. If you liked this article, check also: How to recognize a quality suit, and How to match suits and shoes: men’s style guide.

Now that you know how to customize a tailored men’s suit from your cell phone, don’t waste any more time! Create your designs and we’ll make them a reality.