Cocktail: 7 ideas of Italian tailor-made Italian suits
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Cocktail: 7 ideas of Italian tailor-made Italian suits

There is nothing like tailored Italian suits, to stand out at an important event. The Italian suit style is a perfect reproduction of a person’s personal life and daily activities, with a unique touch of elegance.

When a culture becomes popular, changes in appearance become progressively more important in this culture, and Italians are very good at activities that play a key role in appearance.

But what is the secret, how to combine fabrics, colors and styles to achieve a perfect and fashionable look?

In this article we will teach you how to prepare a good cocktail with 7 ideas of tailored Italian suits, to be the object of desire of every prying eye that falls on you, wherever you go.

1. Azzurro e Marone

A combination that stole the hearts of Italian style lovers: blue with brown. These two colors were born hand in hand, in the world of suits. Blue being the predominant color, of course.

That is to say, the ideal combination for an outfit with these colors is a light blue jacket and pants, plus a white shirt, along with brown shoes and tie.

2. Bold colors in Italian bespoke suits

Compared to the British style, which has a lot of sunken monotones, the Italian suit has colors with good sharpness and combinations of opposite shades.

It can be said that they enjoy the colors with relative freedom, due to the warm climate and the jovial atmosphere of the Italian streets.

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3. Natural shoulder

The shape of the shoulder of the jacket, unlike the typical padded ones, is natural. You can see a lot of shoulder lines that follow the shape of the shoulder, without exaggerating by making the pad as thin as possible.

You could say it’s easy to move, because the shoulders don’t stretch and connect naturally to the sleeves.

The way the sleeves are joined together is also characteristic, and is known as Manika Kamicha, which means shirt sleeve in Italian.

3. Natural shoulder

4. Wide collar

If you want to emphasize Italian fashion, especially Neapolitan fashion, the choice of the shirt is indispensable, especially when we talk about the opening of the collar.

The British collar is more closed and looks very distinguished, but if you are looking for more elegance the right one is the Italian one. Keep in mind that button-down collars don’t look so good with suits, and if you want to wear them, use it without any other accessory.

You can express the Italian character by choosing a wide-angle color or a horizontal color, which opens up about 180 degrees, instead of the general regular color. You can also remove the center material that holds the color of the shirt collar, to make the collar look softer and create a relaxed feeling.

5. Buttonable sleeves on tailored Italian suits

Buttonable sleeves are those that can actually be opened, not those that use decorative buttons. When sleeves are closed and do not open, they are referred to as opening sleeves.

Many Italian suits come this way, and it is also said to be a design created by Sartoria, to differentiate it from British suits. Italians like to create the impression of rolling up their sleeves and wearing their suits well, at all times.

6. Bespoke Italian suit accompaniments

Excessive decorations are not typical of this style; however, moderate accessories will give the appropriate touch, without disturbing the atmosphere of the workplace.

For example, add a lapel pin in the same color as the suit. Even if you wear the same suit, the impression will change considerably. Take a look at Why choose a tailored suit for more information.

7. Ideal ties to match

The tie is one of the most important garments to combine with your suit and give life to your outfit.

In these cases, the only thing that disagrees with the Italian fashion are the fluorescent colors.

Finally, remember that if you choose to wear a handkerchief in your pocket, it must be made of the same fabric as your tie.

7. Ideal ties to match

Fashion and avant-garde designs are not only for women and this is demonstrated by the latest collections of men’s formal wear presented at this cocktail party.

Never before have designers been given so much attention, since, until a few years ago, men were expected to maintain a standard style on special occasions.

Men’s elegance is made up of small details and a lot of attention to tailoring techniques, and it is thanks to these meticulous attentions that Italian tailored suits continue to establish themselves, season after season, as a favorite.

Now that you’ve sipped this cocktail with 7 Italian bespoke suit ideas, visit our website to place your order and take a look at our blog, to learn more about bespoke suits.