Tailored suit: guide for buying the perfect suit

A custom-made suit is synonymous with exclusivity. By exclusivity we mean the character that possesses something that is unique, among many other similar or equal things, and that is reserved or designed specifically for someone or something.

Understanding the above, we can talk about articles with exclusive designs and totally adapted for specific people. These items can be found in various contexts of everyday life: vehicles, furniture, cell phones, jewelry … and clothing!

In fact, clothing, which is one of our greatest needs, is also one of the items that is most often customized. And yes, as you have noticed, personalization and exclusivity are concepts that go hand in hand. And it is obvious, who does not like to wear clothes that fit their complexion?

Formal clothing becomes very necessary on many occasions, and that is precisely what we want to talk to you about on this occasion. A tailor-made suit, since a long time, is one of the alternatives that many people choose: they are elegant and can be fully customized.

Are you thinking of buying a tailor-made suit? Then stay with us! We are Tailored Suit Paris, specialists in custom-made suits, and today we want to give you a complete guide to buy the perfect custom-made suit.

Why choose a custom-made suit?

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Having a custom-made suit will definitely bring you many advantages. Some of them we have mentioned a moment ago, although it would be worthwhile to emphasize them. Here are some of them.

Having a custom-made suit will definitely bring you many advantages. Some of them we have mentioned a moment ago, although it would be worthwhile to emphasize them. Here are some of them.


The first of the advantages you get when buying a custom-made suit is comfort. As they are garments designed exclusively for you, to your measure, they will adapt to your body perfectly. An ordinary suit could fit your complexion, but have a longer sleeve, a very wide or very small lapel, etc. Forget about that!


This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Since it is a suit designed specifically for you, you can customize it to your liking by adding the accessories or spaces you want. You won’t have to worry about having a style of buttons that you don’t like, a fabric that you don’t like or other similar details.


As it is a suit with an exclusive design, you can be sure that it has been manufactured with total delicacy, without flaws and with the materials you have selected. The difference between a suit manufactured by lot and a custom-made suit will be noticeable.


Taking into account the quality of the manufacturing materials chosen, and the labor, you can be sure of the life span of your suit. No need to worry about loose threads, tears, breaks and other similar inconveniences.

Types of tailor-made suits

There are different types of tailor-made suits. We will introduce you to some of the main ones, with their characteristics, so that you can distinguish them, and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


Coming from the English language, “bespoke” means tailor-made. They are the most traditional costumes, since they are made entirely by hand. As you can imagine, the process to manufacture a bespoke suit is a long one, but this translates into quality, since attention is paid to every detail.

The client ideas and personalizes the suit with a designer (he chooses the materials and design, his measurements are taken). During the manufacturing process, different and varied tests are carried out with the client, since this helps to improve the personalization and correct possible errors that may arise, in order to obtain a great final result.

Made to measure

“Made to measure” is another familiar term that comes from the English language. These costumes are very similar to the bespoke ones, but they have a very important difference: not all of the costumes are handmade.

The process of making the made to measure suits is also very similar to the previous ones: the client ideas and personalizes his suit with a designer, his measurements are taken, attention to detail and free choice of materials and design are also paid, but some seams are made by machine.

Tests are also carried out with the client, but these are carried out until the suit has already made good progress and some important seams are made, such as the stitching.

Su misura

Unlike the names of the previous types of costumes, the term “su misura” comes from the Italian language and means tailor-made. It is a type of custom-made suit with a manufacturing process that is very different from the previous ones, but can vary.

The concept of su misura suits is more focused on the customization of pre-established or standardized designs (by brands or tailors). As in other cases, the customer can choose the materials (threads, fabric, buttons), customize their suit and make it to their measure, but the design of some garments cannot be changed.

As far as tailoring is concerned, sometimes it is done by hand, sometimes it can be done by machine or combining both methods. The client will get a customized and made to measure suit, but with a standardized design.

Tips for acquiring a custom-made suit

Believe it or not, some people make certain mistakes when buying custom-made suits. Here are some factors you should take into account to avoid making mistakes.

Choose a style according to the use of the suit

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Even though you have the freedom to choose the style, colors, type of fabric, threads and accessories of your suit, you must take into account the context in which you are going to use it.

Keep this in mind: for work or meetings that require elegance, fabrics without many patterns and colors such as black, blue or other dark colors are preferable. Light colors such as red or pink, and more defined patterns, are better for holidays. Also, be careful with the accessories or other garments that you combine with your outfit.

Make sure they take your measurements correctly

Some surveys show that many people buy their suits with incorrect sizes, having to incur expenses to modify their suits to the correct size.

Pay special attention to the shoulders

A widely held belief is that the suit should fit better at the waist. While this is partly true, it is more important to look at the shoulders. It has been proven that a good fit on the shoulders will also ensure a good fit on the sleeves and sides.

Seams or not?

There are suits that are sewn and others that are fused. Choosing one or the other will depend on your taste, but it is always more advisable to choose a suit with seams, as this will guarantee a longer duration.

We hope that this complete guide and our advice have been very useful, in case you had doubts about the suits to measure or have encouraged you to acquire one, if you were thinking about it.

Remember, we are Tailored Suit Paris and we specialize in making custom-made suits, specially designed in detail, with high quality and reliable products, and for any occasion. If you need advice, you can contact us. We have a wide variety of products and services adapted to each client. Custom Clothing. Made Smarter.