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How to wear men’s double-breasted suits?

Men’s double-breasted suits are tantamount to elegance and sophistication. And no wonder, because, until recently, they were only worn by royalty.

The history of this type of suit is determined by the First World War, since then, this garment became so popular that it was recommended by many influential personalities of the time.

We also find particular ways of wearing the double-breasted suit in the cinema, mainly in the filmography of the eighties. The casual representation that the cinema propitiated turned the suit into a habit for businessmen.

A clear example of this can be found in the film “Wall Street”, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Michael Douglas. In it, we will observe different representations of the use of the double-breasted suit, which later influenced the consolidation of the garment in popular culture.

Now, if you are interested in how to wear the men’s double-breasted suit, we at Tailored Suit Paris have the answers for you.

Let’s get started!

How to wear a double-breasted suit?

Based on expert opinion, we’ve come up with six fresh ways to look smart and prepared for any situation. We’ll tell you about them in detail below.

Number 1: Classic style

When we say classic, we mean the style that you can easily wear to a wedding or work event. In other words, we are talking about the traditional way of wearing a double-breasted suit, complemented with a formal shirt, a tie of your choice and the famous handkerchief in your pocket.

Number 2: casual/formal style

The way to wear the double-breasted suit in this style differs from the formal style in the collar of the shirt. In other words, to make it casual/formal, you should leave the collar open and combine the jacket with ankle-length trousers. This way, complemented with a pair of trainers, you will look spectacular.

Number 3: Winter style

If you thought you couldn’t look stylish in cold weather, let us tell you the solution. With the winter style, which consists of wearing a jumper instead of a shirt, you’ll see how your double-breasted suit becomes more innovative and stands out much better.

For this style, specialists in men’s aesthetics recommend a single shade of colour in all clothing items. Also, turtleneck jumpers will add an extra touch to the look. Keep the latter in mind every time winter arrives or it gets too cold.

Number 4: Separate styles

Who said that the jacket and trousers of your double-breasted suit have to be the same colour or have similar patterns? Not at all, as long as they match the colours and shapes of your suit, it will look perfect on you.

However, we recommend that the jacket should always be a plain and strong colour, while the trousers should be a soft colour, less flashy. Also, during the summer, when it’s sweltering to wear trousers, we invite you to experiment with shorts and you will know that there are no limits to what you can wear.

Number 5: casual style, with jeans?

In the previous style, although the colours of the trousers and the jacket could be different, in this one, even trousers that are related to casual are allowed: we are talking about jeans.

This classic Italian look will look great with slim-fit trousers, a shirt with an Italian collar and trainers of your choice. Such a combination will allow you to look smart and cool.

Number 6: No button-down shirt?

Finally, here’s an alternative that you’ll definitely like. Have you ever considered wearing a shirt without buttons instead of the traditional ones? If you have never done so, today is your chance to experience a more relaxed style that suits you.

You can pair it with tennis shoes or trainers. However, remember that it is necessary to take care of the material and the type of collar of the shirt you will wear. Also, make sure it doesn’t have any holes or other details that might detract from your look.

What mistakes to avoid when wearing a double-breasted suit?


To know how to wear a double-breasted suit, it is also essential to know the mistakes you should NEVER make when wearing it.

  1. Avoid not buttoning the final button to make your style look more natural.
  2. Make sure that the length of the sleeves never covers your hands.
  3. Remember that the jacket should not be too tight and the buttons should not be under pressure.
  4. Choose trousers in good condition and shirts that are not untucked.
  5. Be careful not to unbutton your suit completely.
  6. Don’t wear trousers that are too baggy.

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Where to find the best double-breasted suits?

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