How long does it take to make a custom suit?
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How long does it take to make a custom suit?

Do you want to have a suit made, but are worried about how long it can take a tailor to make a custom suit? Tailored Suit Paris has tailors with vast experience in the market, capable of performing miracles in record time.

Elegant suits are just like fine restaurants. If you decide to go to these establishments, you know that you will have to wait a long time, but when your order is ready, you will accept that it was worth every second.

The first thing you should know is that the waiting time for a tailor-made suit will depend on the alterations you have had made and your quest for perfection.

The more alterations, the longer you have to wait, and many times you will receive the call from the tailor, but not because it is ready, but because you have to try it on to continue making alterations.

To understand how long it takes the tailor to make a tailored suit, the ideal is to see behind the scenes and understand what is the work of this professional.

In this article we will show you how to make a custom suit and the time it takes to do it right.

How does the tailor works to make a tailored suit?

Tailoring is an ancient profession, but today it is still one of the most sought-after jobs.

The tailor is actually a craftsman, a person who has developed a whole series of skills – not at all simple – that allow him to make a suit, following all its steps.

Designing, modifying, repairing, sewing, packing is just some of the activities that tailors must perform during a working day. Being a tailor, or seamstress, requires a lot of patience, precision, passion and versatility.

How does the tailor works to make a tailored suit?

Like any artist, it is around these strengths that the success of the profession is built.

To give you a better idea of the complexity that this job possesses, we’ve listed some of the most sought-after tasks of a professional tailor, and as you’ll see, it’s a job that encompasses much more than just retouching garments.

  • Selecting and modifying commercial models based on requests from clients and clothing manufacturers.
  • Developing and translating drawings.
  • Imagining how the garment will look in the final result.
  • Make samples of cheap fabrics, before cutting expensive fabrics.
  • Modifying and repairing clothes.
  • Dealing with the customer and discussing their needs.
  • Advise customer on fabric combinations and patterns.
  • Define the technical specifications of the garment, consult fabrics, patterns, shapes and colors.
  • Know the stages of fabric processing and intervention techniques for cutting.
  • Keep abreast of new trends and find the best materials.
  • Know how to use various types of equipment and machinery.
  • Know how to organize and store fabrics, finishes and other materials.
  • Be able to draw up a budget taking into account production costs and labor.

How does the tailor work with the customer to make the tailor-made suit?

How does the tailor work with the customer to make the tailor-made suit?

First of all, you have to choose the type of suit, and the fabrics with which this garment is going to be made.

According to the situation, a tailor can suggest to the customer a series of prefabricated models, or create a new and original model, and consequently provide the customer with an estimate of the time and costs that will be required.

The tailor carefully takes the customer’s measurements, noting the length, width and circumference of the different parts of the body.

From the measurements taken, the tailor prepares the pattern, which is a representation on paper of the pieces of fabric that make up the suit. He then reproduces these shapes on the fabrics, to use them as models when cutting the fabrics.

The tailor sews the pieces of fabric that make up the suit to size, inserts padding and interfacing, creates buttonholes, sews buttons, zippers and other accessories, until the garment is complete.

He then verifies the performance of the suit once worn, and if necessary, will take new measurements and note the final changes and ensure a perfect fit.

How long does the process of making a tailored suit take?

How long does the process of making a tailored suit take?

In any serious fine clothing establishment, you will be required not to place orders less than two weeks in advance.

But this is not because it will take the tailor two weeks to make the suit. This time provides for contingencies, corrections and set-up.

How do you mean “on hold”? If you go to a reputable tailor, it is very common that the professional has a lot of work to do and your suit is placed on a waiting list.

In answer to the final question, the average time it takes an experienced professional tailor to fix a custom suit is 40 hours.

In conclusion, tailors are dedicated to working in an art that has the charm of the past, but responds to the needs of the future.

As in any profession, the more years of experience the professional has, the faster he can execute an order.

But you must keep in mind that things can be done quickly and poorly done or on time and well done.

Any qualified professional tailor will make you aware of this reality. At Tailored SuitParis we have many of them.

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