How to wear the men’s suit?

A perfect cut suit will never go out of style. A large percentage of men prepare for a working day and what should not be missing, in their day to day, is a formal suit.

On the other hand, the other percentage of men use a suit occasionally or in events. However, the question always comes up: have I worn it correctly?

That’s why today we bring you 10 basic rules for wearing a man’s suit correctly.

10 Rules for Wearing a Men’s Suit

costume d'homme

Suitable colors

The most appropriate colors in men’s suits are varied, and are divided into business and casual suits. Thus, also in different styles of suits.

H4. Business

The colors that suit a business man’s suit, who loves formality, are navy blue, Oxford grey and black.

Informal or casual

In this case you will see colors like beige, light blue, yellow, light blue and pink. This is a more relaxed dress code.

Customized suit

One of the best tips’ experts share about how to wear a men’s suit correctly is to get a custom-made one.

If the pants, shirt and jacket match your body, you’ll look more comfortable, relaxed and confident with your outfit.

Make sure the jacket is the right size

It is recommended that you opt for longer jackets or coats, preferably below the hip. This provides flexibility and fluidity of movement when wearing your suit.

Do not fasten the bottom button of the jacket

The last button must be left open at all times. If you will be sitting at an event, you can completely unbutton the suit jacket for convenience.

This will prevent the buttons from being pressed during a business lunch or dinner.

The Tie

If we talk about rules on how to wear a man’s suit, it is recommended that if you prefer to dress more elegantly, or attend a more formal event, you should wear a tie.

However, if you are looking for a more casual style you can open the button on the collar of the shirt and leave the tie aside.

Remember that the tie must be darker than the shirt!

If you don’t wear the tie, you should wear a good watch or ring as a complement. Details are what attract more and are an essential part of wearing a suit correctly.

Details on the shirt

Ideally, the cuffs of your shirt should exceed the sleeves of your jacket. They should not be hidden inside the suit.

The collar of the shirt should not be fair or loose. Shirt buttons should close. If you cannot close the top button it is time to change for another shirt.

You should make sure that the collar of the jacket rests with the collar of the shirt.

The right size of belt

The belt is important, first of all, because it is the one that holds the shirt and keeps it in place.

You should make sure you have the right size belt.

When wearing a man’s suit, the belt should be the same color as the shoes.

The proper thickness of the belt should be thin. However, it is usually wider if you wear jeans.

The size of the buckle will depend on the harmony of the other accessories and the size of your height and build.

Suitable shoes

This accessory is the key piece of clothing to show elegance next to the men’s suit.

You can wear lace up shoes or Oxford style shoes. These are the most formal styles, because of their elegance.

Appropriate measures of the pants

The most important thing in a man’s suit pant is the length and width.

The length of the dress pants is important, and the most suitable is that it reaches just the height of the shoe and that it manages to make a horizontal fold.

It is one of the classic rules in the elegance of a men’s suit. However, this has changed and you can use dress pants that reach the height of the ankle. If you are daring, this style can be yours.

Choice of socks

Let’s not leave the choice of socks last. They can offer a touch of color to the suit.

You must make sure that the colors of the suit match the colors of the socks perfectly.

If the suit is black, the socks should be a neutral color. For example, gray.

Will you wear a navy-blue suit? The best combination of socks will be red, brown, gray or even navy blue, if you want to be more discreet.

On the other hand, if your suit is gray you can choose the color turquoise, navy blue and gray in the socks.

When wearing a men’s suit, focus on quality more than any brand. To achieve this, there is no better option than to do it with custom-made suits.

They provide quality, better fit and personalization. You can choose lapel, lining, buttons and buttonholes.

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