Customized suit styles

When you have a custom-made suit made, it allows you to wear a unique style. Better finishes, details that make the difference and the possibility of adapting each garment to your wishes, are part of the benefits you get, and at the same price!

Customized suits allow you to vary your look, with the best quality-price ratio. Why wear a suit that is not made for your figure, if for the same price you can wear one that enhances your attributes?

Tailored Suit Paris offers you the most complete catalog of fabrics and garments, where you can choose to dress in the day to day, or choose for special moments. If you need to buy a custom-made suit, book your appointment, because the experts at Tailored will spend an hour taking your measurements. In addition, by having individual attention, you have the certainty that you will be attended exclusively and you will be able to ask everything you want, in detail.

Choose from our latest fabrics and order your garments, according to the style you prefer and for the occasion you want. Our team of professionals will suggest you the best fabrics, if your tailor-made suits are to be worn every day: resistant fabrics in firm colors, or with more threads and thinner ones, if you are looking for special moments.

And if you are the groom, don’t hesitate, because Tailored Suit Paris is waiting for you! You can make your previous consultations and explore the options of suits that you can wear on that special day. The bride may take everyone’s attention, but you will take her heart with your unique style. And if your best man or your group of friends also need their tailor-made suit for this great event, don’t hesitate to make an appointment, why not? Everyone will be attended individually and exclusively, for a better experience.

The finishing of custom-made garments

In the same way that the painter makes his work, without a doubt the secret is in how the tailor makes a unique piece that will fit you perfectly. The unique style of the custom-made suits lies in the way it is cut, and of course, crafted. No ready-made suit compares to a custom-made suit. In this one, the pattern is adapted to the person’s measurements and is handmade.

It’s time to get rid of the myth that a custom-made suit cost more. It’s not about wearing labels on your clothes to feel elegant, as it’s about each piece being perfect for your figure. For example, a custom-made jacket includes complete interlining that allows the flaps to be impeccable: neither rigid nor soft, but everything in its place. This is achieved because a complete layer of fabric is integrated, which goes in the middle of the bag and the lining. It is not synthetic, nor is it glued by heat, but is installed by hand and to the exact measurements.

With this, when you button up, there are no folds, because the collar stays in place and the bag has a longer life, as it keeps its colors firm and free of wear. As the lining is integrated by hand, the seams are more spaced out, which allows for better flexibility between the arms and the chest, so you won’t be forced to enter or look stiff. You’ll enhance your elegance with that imperceptible change.

The neck of a jacket also has its own technique, so it can help enhance your style. It brings volume and nobility. Inside, it can be made with several pieces and types of fabric, so that it does not become rigid or watery. The styles of the flaps can be chosen according to your constitution and height.

The details in the custom-made garments

Without a doubt, a custom-made garment is of great value, because it is designed in a special way for your figure. But details such as visible or hidden pockets, buttonholes or buttons, are other elements that will distinguish you. The handmade collar buttonhole, or milanese, as it is known, can be decorated with a unique stitching style, just like the rest of the buttonholes, as well as the details of the gluing of the buttons. No doubt, these are almost imperceptible aspects, but they say a lot about you.

As for the pants, you can order them according to your taste and the hem you prefer. Although the tweezers are not a trend, if you like them and they suit you, we will have no problem making them. Each of these garments integrates, as you prefer, belt buckles, buttons for suspenders, patch to avoid wear between the legs, visible or hidden pocket, to mention some details

What kind of tailor-made garments can you find in Tailored Suit Paris?

Live the experience of having the best tailor-made clothes with Tailored Suit Paris. The richness of our store is in the experience that our team of craftsmen integrates. We make custom-made suits, coats and shirts for you. Choose from our three collections of suits, so that you look simply immaculate in every situation, whether it is business, tuxedo or three-piece.

In the business suits you can choose from a variety of blues, burgundy, browns, greys or blacks. In the selection of bride and groom you can choose your cut, harmonizing with the bride, and opt for two- or three-piece styles.

Elaborate with us your custom-made suit and dress with comfort, delicacy and elegance in your daily life, or in the sublime moments of your life. Besides, distances are not an obstacle for us: we have free shipping all over the world, for all orders over $100, in more than 30 countries. We promise to deliver any order of handmade garments, within 3 to 5 weeks.

If the order is less than $100 you will only pay a fee of $10 and you will receive it through a carrier or registered mail, within 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the country. In addition, we are committed to offering you the best online experience: if you are a first-time buyer, we understand your reservations, and that is why we have put in place a very efficient method, to give you complete peace of mind.

There are no excuses: it’s time to give your tailored suits a try, and start enjoying the comfort and good taste of wearing unique garments.