The different types of suits
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The different types of suits

It’s time to dress up and you want to know the different types of suits? At Tailored Suit Paris you will find the best tailors in Paris, ready to do whatever it takes to make you stand out on that special occasion.

When it comes to elegant tailoring, there are several ways to look good, but standing out is something else. Standing out is synonymous with stealing glances and making an unforgettable impression.

To achieve this requires professional assembly work. What needs to be assembled? The types of fabric, the right colors, the style of the suit… is that all? No, the client’s body and the type of special occasion are also studied.

There are many factors to take into account. This is why professional advice is recommended to find the right suit.

Where could you start to get an idea of what you are looking for? Good news! In this article we will show you five excellent recommendations on different types of suits; the most distinguished ones.


Coats for different types of suits

When winter comes it’s time to wrap up warm, but this is no excuse to lose elegance. Discover how to protect yourself from the cold with class and style.

In a coat the fit is everything, but also, the collar is a detail to which you should pay the utmost attention.

Make sure the collar of the coat is placed against the collar of the shirt; the contact should be minimal and mostly no space between them.

The ultra-wide lapel is very fashionable at the moment, but it is not for everyone. If you want to express your style in a decisive way, choose a coat with a mandarin collar or Nehru style, like from the 90s, with a discreet summer charm.

Visit our gallery to learn about the different types of coats and find the right one for you.

Coats for different types of suits

The Smoking

Nothing makes a man feel better than wearing a tuxedo, and no, this fashion is not exclusive to agent 007, you can also look this elegant.

Besides, this is the only option when a black dress code requires a black tuxedo. The main feature that differentiates the tuxedo from any traditional suit is the lapels.

Smoking, black tie and evening suit are almost all different names for the same thing, but be careful not to wear a simple black suit with a bow tie. Suits cannot replace the tuxedo.

The black-tie code has a specific set of guidelines and some of them relate to the color of the suit. There are only two colors allowed with this type of suit: black or midnight blue.

And the pants? Cuffless, tapered, they rest on the shoe with a perfect fall and must have the side seam edged with a silk band, called chevron.

Visit our gallery to learn about the different types of tuxedos and find the right one for you.


Shirts for different types of suits

With shirts we recommend maximum attention to detail. Every detail is important, especially when you decide to make a tailored garment.

Avoid making a shirt with pockets or covers, i.e., details that make the look less formal.

Try to customize the shirt with 4mm buttons, more exclusive and resistant to breakage. These will give a refined touch to your shirt.

So, if you have decided to opt for a tailored shirt, find out what is the right price for this garment and start creating your shirt right away.

Shirts for different types of suits

Three-piece suits

The three-piece ensemble includes the use of the vest and is reserved for particularly precise situations.

There are different fashions to combine the three-piece suit, but surely they all maintain a single rule: the vest must be of the same fabric as the suit.

That is why it is forbidden to transform a two-piece suit into a three-piece suit. If you did so, you would get a counterproductive and unpleasant effect from the aesthetic point of view.

To conclude this point all that remains is to remind you that the jacket of the three-piece suit is always single-breasted: the cross would be an excess.

Colors for different types of suits

Colors for different types of suits

When we talk about colors for suits, you should know that colors and their combinations interact with the wearer. The effect of colors changes a lot from person to person and therefore there are no universally valid objective rules.

Colors can have not only an aesthetic function but also a practical function. It is possible to use them to obtain particular visual effects, such as to stretch, to accentuate shapes, etc.

Colors acquire and express socially codified and purely aesthetic meanings. In other words, colors are much more complex than we think and do not only respond to instinctive tastes but also to historical and social meanings.

When we talk about elegant suits you must take into account two characteristics: external and internal. The external ones refer to the look, to how you are going to look. On the other hand, the internal ones refer to your comfort when wearing the suit.

Both features are very important, and to make sure you can count on both, it is best to go to a professional tailor.

In Tailored Suit Paris you have the best advice in the market to look amazing. Contact us to design your suit.

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