Why choose a custom-made shirt over a ready-to-wear one?

No arguments: the shirt is basic in the men’s wardrobe. It is the main element in his attire, because it is the closest to his face, and therefore it can give him the necessary enhancement, not only to dress, but also to distinguish himself. That is why choosing a custom-made shirt is a very wise choice, which will never go out of fashion.

Keep in mind that the shirt, no matter what style it is, is a manifestation of the care and attention you put into what you do. A custom-made shirt will always make you look elegant, since you do not stay in it by force, so that will enhance your image.

Tailored Suit Paris is aware of this advantage, and that’s why it cares about providing you with custom made shirts, with a perfect fit, thanks to its extensive experience in making top quality garments, created to your style, with an exclusive approach, resulting from its devotion to exquisite attire.

Advantages of the custom-made shirt

When you choose ready-made shirts, you may find the collar tight, the sleeves too short or too long, or too small or too large, depending on your complexion and height. So if you change your size, it may not fit you either. One way to look elegant and perfect is with a custom-made shirt.

Custom made shirts don’t have to be worn just for special occasions. You know that if you mix perfectly between your skin tone and colors, then you will always succeed and open doors, especially in environments where elegance is highly valued.

With a custom-made shirt you have the possibility to choose from the highest quality fabrics, from Tailored Suit Paris: checks, spikes, letters, not to mention the widest color palette, like the colors of a single background and the diversity of patterns, where you can choose.

In addition, you have the advantages of choosing to enhance the strengths of your anatomy and hide those that do not convince you, and thus harmonize your body and simply look good. On the other hand, a custom-made shirt does not mean looking old-fashioned. The fabric options are so wide, and at Tailored Suit Paris we are interested in making you look your best: you can choose between classic or avant-garde fabrics, suitable for special occasions or everyday life.

Another advantage of choosing a tailored shirt is that for everyday life you can choose from more robust fabrics, which can withstand washing without fading or wearing out. If you want it for special events, you can choose between lighter weight fabrics. In addition, you can choose delicate details on your shirt, such as the stitches or the type of buttons, to mention a few examples.

A custom-made shirt is a handcrafted work. That’s why it’s a perfect piece, with all the right adjustments to your figure, so you can look simply impeccable.

Live the experience of having your shirt made to measure

If this is your first experience with Tailored Suit Paris, you will enjoy a guarantee on your custom-made shirt. We are aware that making changes in your purchase is the worst thing that can happen to you, and with us it can only happen in your first purchase.

If you need a touch up on your first order, an expert from our team will contact you immediately, to correct and modify your measurements, so that we don’t make mistakes on subsequent orders. This way you have total peace of mind, if you buy online.

You know, with your custom-made shirt you have a 100% guarantee in satisfaction with our products and services. As Tailored Suit Paris, we offer you a touch up of up to 60 euros (80 dollars), in the unlikely event that your purchase does not fit what you want.

Besides, with us it doesn’t matter the distances. Get your garment with free shipping to more than 30 countries, if the order is over $100. The waiting time is approximately three to five weeks. But if your custom-made shirt costs less than $100 you get a $10 shipping plan rate.