Business Suits

How To Make Your Business Attire More Compact

Business attire gives you a sharp, powerful look and instills confidence in the wearer. There are certain fundamental differences between men’s business suits and women’s office wear and each need the right element to create a well coordinated look. As effective career ladies who are key players, Women’s business suits, noticeably those in stretchable, light fabrics are excellent choices. Corporate dressing is all about compact and neat appearances and suits, shirts, trousers and ties complete the look.

Popular fabrics for formal shirts include cotton and other light, organic fabrics. Both Egyptian and Oxford cotton are preferred and this offer lustrous finishes. Women’s shirts too are crafted out of light cotton with a high thread count for a plush feel. Official suit fabrics use wool, cashmere and silk in various densities. Usually these blends are both machine and hand washable and wrinkle free. Black, beige, cream, gray, white, brown, and blue are popular for both shirts and suits. When it comes to trousers, straight cuts with both elasticated and belted waist and solid, shiny textures are popular.

Hence when corporate women and men have to choose dresses that speak compactness, light, breathable fabrics, are best for mens business suits . For women, structured shirts and fine cuts make women’s suits stand out.

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