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About our Fabrics

-Our Suit Fabrics:

All our fabrics have been carefully selected by our tailors so that they are comfortable durable and elegant to wear.
You will appreciate the quality and refinement of our textile which range from 100% Wool to some of the most famous fabric brands on the market.
Most of our suits fabrics differentiate themselves by the quality of its Wool and thread count. Our Textile range goes from Super 120 thread count to 100% wool super 160 designer Italian fabrics. We are also introducing the renowned and famous fabric brands which are Dormeuil and Loro Piana.

Here are the different fabrics ranges we offer:

Our 100 % Stretch super 120’s: (ladies only)
Super 120 thread count.
This fabric is composed of 100% stretch; this is an excellent polyester variety which is wrinkle free and easy care.
This is also a light weight fabric which can be worn in all seasons.

1-Italian Wool Massimo Wool-Silk super 130’s:
 Super 130 thread count.
 This Italian fabric is composed of 95% wool and 5% silk, 240 g/m mid-season wear
 This fabric makes comfortable and trendy garment to wear, it has also a slight shiny appearance due to its composition wool/silk.

2-Italian Wool TSP 130's:
 Super 130 thread count.
 This fabric is made of fine Italian wool and it is a 265g/m mid season wear fabric.
 This fabric makes trendy and comfortable garment to wear due its composition of fine wool.
3-Italian Cashmere-Silk super 130’s:
 Super 130 thread count.
 This Italian fabric is composed of 70% Wool 25% silk 5% Cashmere, 265g/m mid-season wear.
 This is a very trendy fabric, bright in colors and pleasing to the eye, it has also bright and shining properties due to its silk/cashmere composition.
4-Italian Wool TSP 140’s:
 Super 140 thread count.
 This fabric is composed of Wool and 5% Cashmere, 270g/m mid season wear.
 This is fine Italian fabric which makes very elegant and comfortable garment to wear due to its noble fibres composition.
5-Roberto Fellini Trophy Super 150’s:
 Exclusive Super 150 threads count.
 This fabric is composed of 100% Wool, 260g/m mid-season wear.
 This is high quality Italian fabric exclusively made of fine natural fibres; it makes confortable and elegant garment due to its natural and finer Wool.

6-Enrico Zenoni Amadeus 160’s:
Exclusive super 160 threads count.
This fabric is composed of 100% wool, 260 g/m mid-season wear.
This is an exclusive and high quality 160’s Italian fabric. It is one of our website best value fabrics giving the quality of its thread and textile.
It is a classic fabric and it makes very elegant and fashionable suits to wear in all seasons and for all occasions.

7-Dormeuil Amadeus :
Super 110 100% Wool.
This fabric is composed of 100% wool, 310g/m.
DORMEUIL AMADEUS. The undisputed Best Seller at Dormeuil, Amadeus is one of their flagship creations. This easy-to-work fabric has become synonymous with safe values, comfort, hold, strength and a timeless look …. The special finish is still a secret. Amadeus, the ally of today's man.

8 & 9- Dormeuil Regency :
This fabric is composed of 100% wool, 280g/m
Dormeuil Regency combines the British heritage of the House of Dormeuil with a sense of innovation, supported by years of experience and ever-increasing know-how.
Regency is the perfect fabric for performance and elegance. The designs are refined and modern but keep the spirit of traditional classics which are the essentials of a man’s wardrobe.

10-Dormeuil Amadeus 365:
Super 130 100% wool, 260g/m
AMADEUS 365. Dormeuil is continuously innovating to offer you the very best and you will be surprised by its latest creation: Amadeus 365, a light and timeless suiting fabric, ideal for every season. The secret of this new must-have from Dormeuil is an innovative compact thread making for an extremely precise weaving process. A comfortable suit with a perfect and modern line, already an essential to every man’s wardrobe. Amadeus 365: a suit to wear 365 days a year.

11 & 12 Loro Piana Four Seasons:
Super 130 100% Wool, 250g/m
Loro Piana operates in the luxury goods industry with the mission of providing uncompromised quality. For six generations, the company has been supplying the finest Italian wool fabrics to the most sophisticated and demanding clients.

Four Seasons combine traditional elegance with the highest degree of wearability and has been specially designed to be worn all year round anywhere in the world.
 Its durable nature makes it an ideal fabric for who likes to be in style without foregoing the qualities of versatility and comfort.

-What is Fabric thread count and what difference does it makes for you as a customer?
Thread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one-inch square of fabric.
Using finer threads also allows for more thread to fit in a square inch.

-Our Shirt Fabrics:
Our shirts textiles range is composed of Twill Cotton, Oxford Cotton and Egyptian cotton.

Our Twill Cotton Fabric:
125g/m Twill Cotton
Our Twill Cotton is a soft and very comfortable fabric.
It is fine and very durable.
It is also well-known for its added comfort. Unlike any normal Cotton it is softer to the touch and these causes one to relax.
Our Twill cotton has also good breathing properties and provides a charming and comfortable fit.

Our Oxford Cotton fabric:
A bit of history:
Oxford cotton fabrics were first manufactured in the late 19th century by a Scotch mill.

The Quality: 85g/m Oxford Cotton
Our Oxford cotton has a soft texture appearance; it also has an especially light-weight feel and a fine texture.
The cotton gives the fabric a soft feel and, due to cotton's "breathability," makes the fabric more comfortable to wear. The soft, fine texture makes it the preferred fabric for fine dress shirts.

Our Egyptian cotton fabric:
Egyptian cotton is a luxurious cotton grown along the Nile, is used to make products which are soft, durable and of superior quality.
The humid conditions and rich soil in Egypt along the Nile River Valley create the perfect conditions to grow long cotton fibers.
Their long length (about twice the size of other cotton fibers) allows them to be spun into very fine yarns. These yarns are soft and lustrous yet are very strong and durable.

Our Luxury 2-Ply Egyptian cotton Fabric:
120g/m, Egyptian cotton.
Our two-ply Egyptian cotton fabric is a super-fine and luxury fabric made of the best cotton on the market.
It is also silkier to the touch and makes more comfortable shirt.  This is because two individual threads are twisted together and tightly woven, creating a very smooth and strong fabric.

-Our Coat Fabrics:
Our Coat textile range is mainly composed of Cashmere. What is Cashmere textile and what are his characteristics? Cashmere, the fiber of kings, has long been one of the most exotic and rarest fibers to be found. Cashmere is soft, light weight, durable, warm and makes wonderful feeling garments for wearing.

Our wool/cashmere fabric:
440g/m, 10% cashmere and 90% wool.

Our 100% Italian Cashmere:
480g/m, 100% Italian cashmere.
Luxuriously soft, it provides natural light-weight insulation without bulk. This Cashmere is warm however its Fibers are highly adaptable and are easily constructed into fine or thick yarns.